Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Happy Big Day to the girl who taught me Sompoton- Madona James

She is the first person I got clicked on when we were attending the first ever meeting at music club, as a freshman student in Universiti Malaysia Sabah.

2 years ago, that's the year we both met for the first time unexpectedly. Music brought us together, music brought me to know this beautiful lady!

Her name is Madona. One thing that I must tell everyone here, Sabah's ladies are beautiful and awesome! They are very lemah-lembut which I need a long time to be like them.

Obviously, she is a Sabahan beautiful lady.

Madona loves to smile and makes jokes. 
Sometimes I faced difficult moment in school, when I bumped into her in the library, she made my day. Gosh, she is the person I will hug whenever we meet. She will make the first step to hug me too!

Madona is so helpful.
When we started to learn Sompoton, one of the musical instruments made from Sabah. Everyone blew it wonderfully, except me!

I can never get the right technique. Instead of doing her stuff, she kept teaching me for hours in the class until the end of the class.

Madona is a fashionista.
Her hairstyle, her dressing style, her looks show and tell everything!

I love this picture of yours, dearie

Happy Big day on 12-12-12. Miss you.
You are my best friend, always. 

You are one of the reasons I love Sabah:)


  1. Baru nak tanya Sompoton tu apa? Rupanya alat muzik ya? Baru tau. Hehehe. Btw, org Sabah memang cantek2 pun. Dah cantek, lemah lembut lak tu. Eh, tapi ada kenal sorang Sabahan ni, boyish sket. Sampai lecturer kat kelas pun kdg konfius ingat dea lelaki. Hehehe. Btw, dea baek orangnya :D

    1. Whoa, I learn new thing from your comment;)

  2. can u tell her, dat i like her... hehehe

    1. I wil absolutely tell her face to face when i go back to Sabah in FEB, i will say:

      "Madona!one of my blogger buddy say he likes u!"


    2. hahahaha.....make sure its face 2 face k..more dramatic..

  3. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Really enjoyed this post <3